$36 standing computer desk to reduce back pain and raise your energy level



Get off your lazy butt, you computer potato!

If you’ve listened to the Freedom Feens for any length of time, you know I complain about back pain. I did get this inversion therapy table, which helped a bit. I’ve also been walking a bit on the hamster wheel in the basement, which helps.

But basically all the constant computer work I have to do to spread liberty with the Freedom Feens radio mission means my back is often not a happy back.

Neema Vedadi recommended a standing table. I priced them, and they can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Turns out I already owned the solution, it was in storage in the basement, and I only paid 36 dollars for it.

Get this: Lifetime Personal Table with 30-by-20-Inch Molded Top. (It’s available in Almond and White. Mine is Almond colored.)

Put it on your existing table. Adjust it to reach the criteria shown by this hipster here:


(Line up your eyes with the top of the viewable part of the screen, not the top of the screen housing. And in both the photos on this post with me using the desk standing, my eyes are level with the top of the viewable screen. For some reason it looks like it’s lower than my eyes, it’s not.)

I put a couple of wide two-inch thick hardcover books under my monitor to raise the top of the monitor screen to eye level. The thickness of the book you should use will vary depending on your height, and the height of the main table under your Lifetime Personal Table.

Here’s a side view without me in the frame:


Here’s a front view without me in the frame:

front view

Here’s the underside, showing how I adjusted it (second to the last slot on one end, last slot on the other. And I had to try a different side for one end. The end on one side didn’t hold tight.)

standing desk bottom

The Lifetime Personal Table is a good, wide surface. It’s solid, and it even works well with an optical mouse. And it gives you room on your desk underneath. Also, if you’re talking (doing a podcast, radio or sales calls) or singing, you’ll have better tone and more power standing than sitting.

I only set this up today, I’ll let you know after a while of using it how I like it. I’ve heard it can take a few weeks to get used to a standing desk. But so far, I like it a lot. And many people who use standing desks say that after a few weeks of using them, they feel better and have more energy and never want to go back.


The Lifetime Personal Table can also be used sitting, with a tall high-back chair with a cushion on it, when you want to take a break from standing while getting used to it.

I’ve also ordered this $19 anti-fatigue mat, and this $30 Black Mountain Products 2000-Pound Anti Burst Exercise Stability Ball with Pump, 85cm, which I may use as a chair, and will use for exercise.


–Michael W. Dean, Freedom Feen radio show