Great AM/FM radio for not a lot of money



Neema Vedadi got me this kick-ass AM/FM portable radio for Christmas. It’s MUCH better than my old wind-up survival radio (which I’m saving for when the poop hits the fan, it SORT of works, and does so without power.)

This Sony ICF38 Portable AM/FM Radio is well made, tunes great, doesn’t add static, and has decent bass response for a small unit. The sound is as solid as the construction. It also has an LED indicator that lights up when the signal is the strongest. This is good if you listen to a lot of talk radio, since talk hosts like to pause for five or six seconds for emphasis often, which makes tuning to the best spot hard. You can kind of get it close by ear on this radio, then lock it in with the light, even if that’s the moment some blowhard is pausing to let the weight of his words (and ego) sink into your brain. lol.

The unit can operate on either AC, or on four AA batteries.

I’m really happy, now I can listen to my own talk radio show on my hometown talk station and have it sound almost as good as the Internet! What a time to be alive!

Get it here on Amazon, HERE. List price is $24.99.