Two-Minute Audio Test of Electro-Voice RE-20 Microphone



NOTE: I lost the 2-minute MP3 in a server move. But here’s a whole show with me using the RE-20. I actually don’t use my RE-20 any more. I think it sounds TOO “full.” I still have the RE-20 but now actually now use the much cheaper $50 Audio-Technica AT2005USB (Get it here on Amazon). Read more about it here on the FeenPhone site. If you want to hear that mic in action, listen to this episode.

Michael W. Dean does initial tests of his new birthday mic, the venerated holy grail of broadcasting, the Electro-Voice RE-20 Microphone (get it HERE new for $449 with free shipping). Dig the wonderful meaty-yet-flat pro-izzle sound! Creamy retro 60s charm! Whee!

This mic gives a lot of freedom of movement. With my old Shure Beta 57a mic, I had to be right up on it to sound great. The sweet spot was the size of a plumb. That ended up making my back and neck tense doing a long live show. With the RE-20, the sweet spot is the size of a basketball. I can move all over and sound great. Will extend my life span! (Good for us cranky, creaky old guys. I turn 49 this week.) You can also talk more naturally with an RE-20, it doesn’t require conscious or subconscious “mic technique” that other mics require to sound really good.

I skipped the fancy accessories, like the expensive RE-20 specific shock mount ($125) and the RE-20 specific pop filter. A standard condenser mic shock mount and boom arm works fine. And while this mic, more than most, will work fine without a windscreen, a standard cheap foam windscreen stretched over the end makes it sound even better. No need to get the dorky little RE-20 specific pop filter.

Used correctly and with a good pre-amp, the RE-20 is a sword of truth cutting through the murky swamp of media lies and statist COINTELPRO sheeple-bleeting horizontal enforcement of injustice.

They are also built like a tank. The RE-20 comes with a 3-year factory warranty. What else in the WORLD comes with a 3-year factory warranty these days?????

Available in any color you like, as long as it’s green. To be more specific: somewhere between Vietnam-era US military camouflage green and old-school hospital room green.

Mic was used with a foam windscreen, audio was recorded through Pre-Sonus compressor/pre-amp with a Behringer XENYX X2442USB Premium 24-Input 4/2-Bus Mixer, then normalized in SoundForge.


–Michael W. Dean, Freedom Feens radio show, syndicated on Genesis Communications Network.

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