Inexpensive, Wonderful Scissor Mount For Your Microphone


New scissor arm mic stand

I just purchased this scissor mount microphone stand. It was only 27 bucks on Amazon, HERE. I’m LOVING it!

It solves a big problem, mainly that now I don’t have to sit in one place for two hours like with a normal mic stand. If I lean back in my chair, it’s easy to bring the mic with me. That’s much easier on my back and neck, and just makes doing a show a lot less hassle and more fun.

It’s made for condenser mics, and came with a condenser mic mount, which I put away in a drawer. I replaced it with a mic clip, this:


Which you can get on Amazon for $2.39, HERE. If you’re using a dynamic mic and the above mic clip, you’ll also need a little adapter, which are two for 3 dollars, HERE.


I couldn’t find them in packs of one, but two is fine, it’s always good to have spares of anything you depend on.

I’ve always shied away from scissor mic stands, because I assumed that the springs in them would make a “BOING!” sound which would be picked up by the mic. But it doesn’t make that sound if you move it slowly. And if you need to move it quickly, you can simply mute yourself on the mixer before you do, than un-mute after you move the stand.

I got the idea to try one when I was making these silly fake Feens pics, the ham radio operator in the left has one:


And he looks happy.

I recommend that you attach the stand to a table other than the main table in front of you where you have your coffee, notes, computer, etc. Because it will pick up the sound of you bumping the table. I mount it on a table to my left, where my mixer is, as in the photo at the top of this post. It clamps onto any thickness table, no drilling needed.

The included pass-through cable isn’t very good, and adds a tiny bit of noise. I cut it off with scissors and added a better cable, which I just wrap around the arm of the boom.

This thing is going to extend my lifespan, or at least make my back and neck feel better. Plus it looks nice. Always a plus for the discerning man-cave owner.

–Michael W. Dean