I Need a PhD in Mixology (not the booze kind!)



Got the Mixer-of-1000-knobs today. Whee! It sat on our porch for two hours in the snow before I got up, but it’s fine. It’s a Behringer XENYX X2442USB Premium 24-Input 4/2-Bus Mixer (get it HERE).

People ask me “Why don’t you read books anymore?” Basically because I spend most of my time reading gear manuals. I did get a sound out of this thing, but it’s going to take me all day to figure out and master all its features.

The Feens got this mixer because my old mixer (the little blue one on the left, above), doesn’t have the ability to set up separate busses, which we need to be able to do in order to do live radio over the Comrex. (The Comrex is barely viewable here, just behind the top right of the big new Behringer mixer, under the shelf that contains the Presonus tube pre-amp.)

I’m selling the old mixer for 100 bucks, with US shipping included. It has a USB interface and phantom power, but only works on Windows XP (NOT Windows 7 or 8), and older Mac OSes. Drop me an e-mail if you’re interested, it’s a ALESIS MultiMix 8USB Audio Mixer.  SOLD

Below: Kitty Customs agents checking in the new mixer at the border of Nestlandia:





Below: Kitty Customs agents whispering about whether or not to allow this mixer to pass through the border:


Reminder for me:


After a hard day of working for Kitty Customs, Peanut naps in his new bed, provided as a perk of the job by the Nation of Nestlandia. Poor Peeni, all worn out from enforcing kitty tyranny!:


“You woke me up! Let me go back to sleep, or I’ll arrest you!”:


While Peeni naps, the second shift of Kitty Customs begins, with Fuzzy checking out some mic stands:


Kitty Customs agent Fuzzy says “Don’t film me, you punks! I’ll arrest you!”: