6-Minute Audio Examples and Review of Presonus Studio Channel Tube-Pre Amp / Compressor / Parametric EQ unit



I recently bought the amazing 300 dollar Presonus Studio Channel Tube-Pre Amp / Compressor / Parametric EQ unit. You can get it on Amazon, HERE.

The audio demonstration here was recorded with a Shure BETA 57A Microphone, with a foam windscreen, speaking at a medium-low volume right up on the mic (lips mostly touching the windscreen), with no processing added in post. The audio demo includes explanations of basic use for a good sound, as well as gain staging, and telephone effects.

The¬†Presonus Studio Channel is a wonderful “Swiss army knife” with several functions for improving the sound of voice or instruments. The manual is available free for download, HERE. It’s not only a good intro to this unit, it’s a good intro to compression and EQ and tube pre-amps in general. I recommend it if you are new to compression, even if you have a different unit.

But here’s my quick start guide for spoken audio, the settings I used in this six-minute audio example (click for full-sized image). Enjoy!:


I replaced the stock tube with this Russian Tungsol 12AX7 Tube that is better than the generic Chinese tube that comes with the unit.

To replace tube, unplug the unit from the wall, remove screws on top, and gently rock the tube left and right to remove. Then gently rock the replacement tube in to the tube socket. Hold tube with a handkerchief or other piece of fabric to avoid getting skin oils on it. Skin oils will lower the life span of the tube.


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