My latest and least-expensive microphone recommendation


This one rocks. It’s only $39.99 here: Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB Microphone.

Unscrew the top and pull out the inner foam (use scissors or tweezers) and throw the inner foam away. It’s not good for stopping plosives, plus it smells like diesel (as do most things from China these days). Leave the grill off for a day and let it air out. Then put the grill back on and put a foam windscreen on the grill (get those HERE):


Throw away the little tripod stand, it won’t get the mic close enough to your mouth. The mic should be about a fist away from your mouth. Use this mic stand.

This mic shows up as a different mic (USB2005) in programs, but it’s all good. If you wanna hear this mic in action, over FeenPhone, listen to me (Michael Dean) on the first 13 minutes of this episode.

Michael W. Dean talks about his band Bomb


Michael W. Dean talks about his band Bomb …..interviewed by Thomas Schulte for the book Thomas is working on.

Q. (Thomas Schulte): What do you remember of the 1988 Detroit show or tour? That would have been for the album Hits of Acid.

A. (Michael W. Dean): I don’t remember that show much in particular. That was a long time ago and I was doing a lot of drugs and alcohol. I remember snippets here and there of all the Bomb tours, collectively I have a lot of memories, but we played over 700 shows in 43 states and six countries, so it’s hard to say. I think I remember that show being in a horrible scary neighborhood (many of our gigs were), on something Mile Road, but not much else.

It’s odd….I sometimes remember things from when I was a little kid better than my time in the band Bomb. But Bomb was an intensely emotional time, and I had a really twisted love/hate relationship with one of the members, the drummer, and he was emotionally abusive….He kind of looked at me like his innocent hick little brother to corrupt and he liked to experiment with my emotions, used me like a mental plaything. So I’ve shut a lot of that out of my memory as a defense mechanism. That guy is a sociopath and I am not in contact with him. I never will be again.

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Editing Feens episodes


This blog post is basically just for the Feens co-hosts, though anyone is free to check it out. And if there are any Feens fans who’d like to learn to do this and save me some work and edit a couple episodes a month, let me know.

I’ll be doing this in Sound Forge, a non-free program that is MUCH better than the free program that most people use, Audacity. But all of the functions are pretty much the same between both programs. Also, Feens co-hosts who are ready to try this, I can help you get Sound Forge if you’d like. Let me know if you want it.

If you have no experience editing audio, there are lots of tutorials for each program on YouTube. This blog post I’m writing assumes you have some experience editing audio.

One of the great things about being on GCN is that they record the show on their end and put up a good sounding archive. Before the Feens were on GCN, we had to record the archives from our end, which is one more thing to do while doing a live show. Not having to worry about it during a live show is a nice perk.

The GCN high-quality archives are only up for a few weeks, then they are archived permanently in lower quality, but really, the archives need to be edited and uploaded to the Feens site within a couple hours of the show being over, preferably within one hour.

The archives are in one-hour chunks (two for each two-hour show), and go up on the GCN site about 20-25 minutes after each hour is over.

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Uploading Feens episodes


This is a Feens co-host only post that is a continuation of this post on Editing Feens episodes.

SO….you’ve followed the other post and edited and tagged a perfect Feens MP3. What now?

First you need to upload it to the server. You’ve been given an FTP login to do that. You’ll need an FTP program, if you don’t have one, grab WS_FTP LE. It’s free. You’ll have to give them your email address. And save the email they send you, you may need it later if the program ever expires.

Install the program and enter your Server/User name /Password info into the program and save it. (Again, MWD can TeamViewer in and set this up for you if you have any problems with it.)

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The (new) best only inexpensive Feen(Phone) USB mic in the world


For several years, I’ve been recommending the Audio-Technica AT2005USB (Get it here on Amazon). It’s a solid mic. It has a great sound, great pickup pattern, good rejection of off-mic noise, has a headphone jack in the mic for latency-free monitoring, and all in all, is perfect for low-budget spoken audio. I’ve tested hundreds of mics, and again and again I’ve returned to recommending this mic to people who want to start sharing their voice with the world.

I recently saw another similar USB mic and decided to spend some Amazon rewards cash getting one to test. I did, and now I can fully recommend this mic: Samson Q2U Handheld Dynamic USB Microphone with Headphones and Accessories. This mic has all the features and quality of the Audio-Technica, yet sells for 25 dollars less AND comes with some headphones that will work fine for talk radio.

Michael W. Dean uses the mic for the first segment of this Freedom Feens show here, with MWD calling in over FeenPhone.

The Samson mic with headphones is currently 44 bucks. The AT2005 is 72 dollars without the headphones. The Samson headphones are OK, not great, and you do have to have them tight on your head to prevent leakage of audio into the mic. You’ll also need a mic stand, get this one (I like it better than the one I used to recommend), and some foam windscreens, get these.

I actually like a few things better about the Samson mic. For one, the volume control is on the bottom side of the mic, not on the bottom end, it’s easier to get to. And the indicator LED light actually turns red if you’re distorting (not that it’s easy to see while using the mic, especially with a windscreen on). I did not like the internal foam inside the grill, it smelled funky, like petrol, like most things shipped on a slow boat from China these days. I unscrewed the grill, pulled that foam out, threw it away, and just relied on an add-on foam windscreen.

What a time to be alive when the price of the gear for getting on worldwide radio is 44 bucks. Things sure have changed since I was a kid, and I’m digging getting to go along for the ride. And I’m glad to have helped in the from of co-developing FeenPhone. Check it out, FeenPhone is free, and is much better than Skype for connecting remote spoken media producers over the miles.