Guide to editing classic podcast episodes for radio broadcast on the Freedom Feens

FeenzEditClassic(This is the kind of stuff I do all day every day for the Feens, for free. Like writing this tech doc for co-hosts. Like editing 50 Ben Stone episodes. So please donate if you can.)

Nick and CJ:

OK, First, please only edit your best-sounding episodes with the best content. Don’t bother with interviews done over a cell phone that sound like crap. Don’t bother with stuff that isn’t up to Feens standards. And please don’t bother with interviews with someone who hems and haws and stammers or sounds boring, even if the audio is good.

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MIC IS sold!


SOLD! Too slow y’all.

I’m selling my ElectroVoice RE-20. Dynamic XLR mic. This is THE broadcast standard around the world. Used on many many Feens episodes over the year, plus most of the commercials (like CATMUF!) It’s a total creamy radio audio sound. Hear me using it on radio, first two segments of this episode.

It’s a $500 value, plus I’ll include the shock mount, a $100 value. Total value is $600, I’m selling both together for $375, shipping and insurance included anywhere in America (you pay shipping outside America.) And I’ll include this BipCot mask!:

The mic is even signed, I carved my name in it with an engraver! (I’ll sign a document of transfer of ownership so there’s no question).


This is a great mic, used in a smoke-free room. You can own this functional and stellar piece of history at a great deal, plus selling it will help me replace our dying refrigerator.

Leave a comment below and I’ll be in touch.

–Michael W. Dean


BipCot NoGov flags, $16 !

BipCot-flagYou can now get the lovely BipCot NoGov flag pictured above, well made in China and shipped anywhere in the world. To the USA for one-month shipping is only 16 bucks! (includes flag AND shipping!!!!) I got 2 flags for 32 dollars. Get them HERE at

I make no money on this transaction. I intentionally took no cut to keep the price low so we can get as many of these out there as possible to spread the good name of the BipCot NoGov license.

That site is a little non-intuitive, but here’s the deal: It says “Starting at: $2.49” but that’s for a tiny one. (21×14 cm, that’s about 8×5 inches). If you want the size pictured above, 3×5 feet, pick the drop-down option of Standard 144 X*96. ($11.99) (+120 grams)

(144 X*96 centimeters is 3×5 feet. 120 grams is the shipping weight.)

The drop-down choice of
Landscape/ (Flag Sleeve on Short Side)

is the one you probably want, it will look like the one shown in the photo above.

(Note in the drop-down menu, there is an option for up to twice that size, how awesome would it be to drop 50 bucks plus shipping and get the 288×192 cm option? That’s six feet by ten feet! That would be pretty unwieldy, but cool. They also make small ones, like you’d have on a little pole on your desk.)

Once it’s added to your cart, click the cart icon to go to the cart, add your payment method (I used PayPal, but they do take credit cards and Bitcoin), and put in your zip code or postal code to calculate postage. It will look like you’re not being charged postage, but just keep clicking and go through PayPal and it will eventually calculate the postage and charge you.

I picked the slow shipping, which takes about a month from China. If you want to pay a little more, you can get it in less than two weeks. I did that last time.

If you get a BipCot flag (and you should!) email me a photo of it in an interesting location and I’ll post it on this site and elsewhere.

Thank you for your service!

–Michael W. Dean

My latest and least-expensive microphone recommendation


This one rocks. It’s only $39.99 here: Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB Microphone.

Unscrew the top and pull out the inner foam (use scissors or tweezers) and throw the inner foam away. It’s not good for stopping plosives, plus it smells like diesel (as do most things from China these days). Leave the grill off for a day and let it air out. Then put the grill back on and put a foam windscreen on the grill (get those HERE):


Throw away the little tripod stand, it won’t get the mic close enough to your mouth. The mic should be about a fist away from your mouth. Use this mic stand.

This mic shows up as a different mic (USB2005) in programs, but it’s all good. If you wanna hear this mic in action, over FeenPhone, listen to me (Michael Dean) on the first 13 minutes of this episode.

Michael W. Dean talks about his band Bomb


Michael W. Dean talks about his band Bomb …..interviewed by Thomas Schulte for the book Thomas is working on.

Q. (Thomas Schulte): What do you remember of the 1988 Detroit show or tour? That would have been for the album Hits of Acid.

A. (Michael W. Dean): I don’t remember that show much in particular. That was a long time ago and I was doing a lot of drugs and alcohol. I remember snippets here and there of all the Bomb tours, collectively I have a lot of memories, but we played over 700 shows in 43 states and six countries, so it’s hard to say. I think I remember that show being in a horrible scary neighborhood (many of our gigs were), on something Mile Road, but not much else.

It’s odd….I sometimes remember things from when I was a little kid better than my time in the band Bomb. But Bomb was an intensely emotional time, and I had a really twisted love/hate relationship with one of the members, the drummer, and he was emotionally abusive….He kind of looked at me like his innocent hick little brother to corrupt and he liked to experiment with my emotions, used me like a mental plaything. So I’ve shut a lot of that out of my memory as a defense mechanism. That guy is a sociopath and I am not in contact with him. I never will be again.

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